Brittney Chruch Assistant Principal

Trenice Durio Assistant Principal

Our Mission

In partnership with our parents and community, our mission is to empower each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the academic and technological challenges of the future.

Bettie F Williams Elementary School and the Bayside Tri-Campus

Bettie F. Williams, Newtown, and Diamond Springs elementary schools combined in 2007-08 to form the “Bayside Tri-Campus.”  The purpose of creating the first-ever elementary Tri-Campus in Virginia Beach City Public Schools is to improve student achievement.  This is done by offering a highly focused instructional program at each school that is designed to meet the developmental needs of the students in the Tri-Campus community.  To accomplish this goal, each school houses just two grade levels.  Diamond Springs serves students in kindergarten and first grade.  Students in second and third grade attend Newtown, and the fourth and fifth grade students go to Bettie F. Williams. 

Each school is staffed with a full complement of administrators, faculty members, and support personnel.  Although three different schools that make-up the Tri-Campus, we work together as one school to serve the community.  For example, there will be one PTA for all schools, and one School Planning Council for all three schools.